Quinta de Arcossó

In Trás-os-Montes, between Chaves and vidago, in the northern region in Portugal, we find a unique place for the production of wine, Quinta de Arcossó. The vineyard, with 12ha, lays on a granitic soil and stretches along a south facing slope with a moderate 20% grade, at 400 mts of altitude.

Amílcar Salgado uses artisanal production methods, that go back to the re-roman ocupation, with low intervention during the whole process but high surveillance oenology. Even the wine cellar was projected to express the potential of the grapes and minimise the mechanical operations. The red grapes are carefully selected and all trodden by foot in granite lagares.  The rose and white wines are picked before sunrise to protect the integrity of the grape and preserve all its flavours.


The first production was bottled in 2005, under the supervision of Amílcar Salgado but with the technical support and expertise of Francisco Montenegro, the owner and winemaker of Aneto wines.
Nowadays, Quinta de Arcossó is a benchmark and one the most remarkable producers in this region. The white wines are exceptionally great, very fresh and have a lovely minerality. The reds are powerfull yet elegant, fresh and have a huge longevity. In each bottle of Quinta de Arcossó unique wines are found, packed with complex aromas and topped with dense and long aftertastes.


(Note: This brand has already a distributor for USA, Brazil, Australia and South Africa hence Spread the Wine is not looking for business partnerships in the referred markets.)