Region: Trás-os-Montes

BÍSARO pigs are a central and northern Portuguese indigenous breed, part-boar, of Celtic origins. Its members are long, big-boned, not very muscled and have an upright posture. They have a very docile temperament, move slowly but not very elegantly. They can be recognised by his long hanging ears and gray-blueish spots. They are perfectly adapted to the harsh climate conditions of Trás-os-Montes: nine months of cold dry winter and three of dry hot summer.

At Quinta das Poldras, these animals are raised outdoors, under extensive conditions, and in an ecologic raising regime, fed with 100% natural products, a mix of cereals, chestnuts, tubers, horticultural and fruits. The herd will soon increase up to around 400 pigs.

The need to keep their meat throughout the year drove people to the production of a large diversity of sausages: salpicões, butelos, alheiras*, blood, meat, bread and sweet chouriço, ham, etc.
The tasty Bísaro meat is also much appreciated in traditional dishes such as roast pork and Trás-os-Montes stewed beans.

Traditional smoked sausages
Alheira of Bísaro pork
Alheira of game
Alheira of mushrooms
Alheira of Boar
Chouriço of blood
Sweet chouriço

* Alheira is a traditional smoked sausage made with pork (also game, boar, poultry meat, etc), wheat bread and olive oil, seasoned with salt, garlic and paprika. The dish can be cooked on the barbecue, or fried in its own fat, and is traditionally served with boiled or sautéed vegetables.


Boneless ham – 12 months cure
Boneless Ham from Vinhais – 24 months cure
Smoked leg ham of Bísaro pork
Ham of Bísaro pork with bone – 24 months cure

Meat of Bísaro Pork DOP