Factory: Porto | Portugal

Miguel Tedim, the master chocolatier, is an expert on chocolate recipes, with an extended professional training in France and Italy. He leads a team with five specialists. His perfectionism is depicted in the shapes, textures and flavours.

Our chocolates, produced with a very high quality raw-material, reflect our obsession with finding natural flavours with a strong identity and personality.
The basis of our chocolates are produced by our partners in France and Belgium and are a result of a blend of different origins of “Forasteiro” and “Crioulo” quality:

The Chocolate Bars

Lots of different combinations for every consumer’s taste: some classic combinations, such as the chocolate with dried fruits or fresh fruits, or flavours with a national identity such as the chocolate with Port Wine, Madeira wine, figs or extra-virgin olive oil. Or even the plain dark with 83%, 70% and 60% cocoa

The Grand Crus

Single origin chocolates, they reveal very particular characteristics from the different regions of the planet
Ecuador / Brazil / Venezuela / Mexico / Saint Tome and Price / Cuba / Madagascar.
It provides very interesting tasting experiences that reveal the unique characteristics of the region where they come from.

The Expert Partners

Because we think that if something is good you should have it double, we offer you the double experience of a Port Wine, a Madeira Wine, a Ginginha and a Portuguese coffee, together with a chocolate bar with the matching ganache.


A collection of bonbons with dark chocolate and different ganaches. Assorted flavours, in small portions but huge experiences!


A mini chocolate bar with an assortment of flavours. For those moments you just need a little chocolate comfort!


Chocolate truffles with dark chocolate 60% cocoa, filled with delicious tastes. Each one is an appeal to our memories.


Broken into rough shards, these small treats have astonishing combinations: nuts, raisins, orange, ginger, pink pepper, lemon and cinnamon, chilli….

Other chocolate treats

We also have many other chocolate treats:
– sardines
– umbrellas
– season sticks
– tiles bags
– hot chocolate
– chocolate chunk bags
– confit bags.