Region: Trás-os-Montes

Terrincho is a DOP, semi-soft, unpasteurised, sheep’s milk cheese originating from the Trás-os-Montes, the north-eastern part of Portugal. It is produced by slowly draining the curds after the coagulation of milk of the Churra da Terra Quente (Terrinchas) breed of sheep and using animal rennet. It has a cylindrical shape and a flat rind that may be covered with paprika. It has a straw colour flesh has an oily texture and a soft, smooth flavour.

The goat cheese, produced with Serrana breed goat’s milk, it is milky white and hard. It has a strong aroma, lightly hot and tangy, and it is savoured mainly on rye bread with good wine, before or after meals.

Both sheep and goat cheeses normally mature for a minimum period of 30 days (the normal DOP) up to 90 days (the paprika cured DOP cheese). The Old Terrincho DOP, however, stays about 120 days in a wood chest, covered with rye grain.


Goat cheese
Goat cheese with paprika
Terrincho sheep cheese
Terrincho sheep cheese with paprika
Old Terrincho sheep cheese

Cheese in olive oil

Goat cheese in olive oil & caper
Goat cheese in olive oil & thyme
Sheep Cheese in olive oil & herbs
Sheep Cheese in olive oil & chili laurel