Chocolataria Equador

Chocolataria Equador is a brand specialised in chocolate recipes but also in the way this is communicated to the public. Our concept is a thoughtful combination of high quality chocolate, design and fiction.

Why: Because we love beautiful things, chocolate and life.
When: We started the business in 2009, and we opened the first shop in June 2010.
Who: The founders of the project are: Celestino Fonseca and Teresa Almeida with a partnership with a Portuguese Chocolatier.

Celestino, as the designer/illustrator, and Teresa, as the visual merchandiser, have developed all the brand concept, the shops physical environment, the stories that work as the boost to the creation of the products and the graphic communication. All these elements, duly orchestrated with the chocolate recipes, awake our senses and drive them up to an emotional stage where everyone wishes to be.

We value an historic legacy expressed not only in the shapes and colours, but also in the indelible flavours of a Portuguese World, in which cacao assumes a privileged place. Wood blocks, Iron wheels, concrete and patterns mixed with contemporary details reveals an attractive environement typical from the old Cocoa Roças in Saint Tome and Prince. During the 19th century, Portugal was one of the main traders of cocoa, through its former colony Saint Tome and Prince, and was responsible for the introduction of cocoa-derived products in Europa.

The Chocolataria Equador wishes to reinforce Portugal position in the development of this sector by supporting the production of cacao in these Gulf of Guinea islands, thus contributing to the improvement of the local community.