Spread the Wine 4th Anniversary

Spread the Wine 4th Anniversary

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Spread the Wine is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year!

Wow! Spread the wine is now 4 years old. And looking back to what has been done, my perspective is that every day has been a roller-coaster and a passionate road trip.

Starting a company by my own is far from being easy. I had to invest weeks, or months, searching for the products and producers/partners that I believed where the greatest expression of what is produced in Portugal, I had to find the right distributors/partners to help me to spread these products among their clients. It may seem a simple formula but it comes to be very difficult when you’re trying to do business with barely known products in a very competitive market. This is not a process that is concluded, absolutely not, this is a continuous work. However, I am in the wine business for over 18 years and I’ve been perfecting my strategies and, above all, avoiding to make the same mistakes twice!

And by mistakes I mean wrong decisions, or some options that costed me too much time and money and distracted my attention from my focus. But those errors are just an important part of the process and an important lesson that enables me to improve and move ahead.

These 4 years are also marked by achievements that were celebrated, one by one, and were decisive to determine the direction of Spread the Wine. They are the result of hard work, inspiration and some luck, although I think that luck is rather a combination of random pieces that one manages to put together harmoniously.

But no matter the products you have, the strategies you plan or the investments you do, at this point, I am ready to conclude that business is all about people. Most of my successes (and unsuccesses) are related to the people I have been dealing with. Some are still my partners, some others don’t. My job is my life. Doing business is all about enjoying life, having fun and connecting to people. Call me naïf but I still try to do business based on gentleman’s word, good faith and honesty and if those are not the terms of the agreement, I do not undersign. That’s part of the company’s deep core values and I can assure you this is not going to change.

So where are we now? We kept faithful to our vision of being a small company offering high quality and exclusive products for specialised markets. We have consolidated our positioning and proved that this is a needed business model. That is to say, you’ll hear about us during the next 4 years!

Our vision for the next 4 years is to pursue our people-oriented strategy, by strengthening the professional relationships and using a great deal of word to mouth. To operate as locally as possible in every market and have a tailor-made offer for the increasing demand for new unique Portuguese products.

We will never be present in every corner of the world nor include in our portfolio every single regional specialty of the Portuguese vineyards and cuisines, but as long as we keep people smiling while tasting our products we will feel that our target is being achieved.

My grateful thanks to all that have been sharing this passion with me and helped me to be here today. And a warm welcome to those who’ll join Spread the Wine crew within the next 4 years!

Ana Pereira
Founder and CEO

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