Tomelo Cleo

Tomelo has, since 2005, an active role for the development of one of the most depressed and deserted regions of Portugal, Vimioso and Miranda do Douro, in
Trás-os-Montes. It is responsible for the production of a cosmetic line produced with donkey milk of an autochthon breed, the “Burro Mirandês”, actually at risk of extinction. The best strategy to accomplish their objectives was the valorisation of the donkey’s milk. The animals are raised by the partners of Tomelo but they also

established partnerships with local breeders. They are committed to promote local sustainable development through the (re)discovery of raw materials and other local potential activities, actually not used at all, creating added-value for the community. Their concept comprehends environmental sustainability, fair trade, ecological consciousness, animal well-being, human sustainable development.